REVOLVE True Food & Wine Bar opened in late September for dinner and happy hour, Monday through Saturday on Main Street in downtown Bothell.

Dr. Dusty DuBois, owner of REVOLVE and founder of Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness, lost 70 pounds six years ago with the Bothell Ideal Weight Loss Program. Since then, she and her team have coached many clients on the path to wellness, encouraging them to lose thousands of pounds collecetively as they change their dietary lifestyles.

Those same principles for healthful eating are the base concept for the REVOLVE menu, which is gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, from organic practices and local whenever possible. Even the wines have been selected to follow this philosophy; each wine on the menu is Biodynamic, Organic, or Certified Sustainably Farmed.

Dr. Dusty’s expertise in the health and weight loss industry has been the guiding force along the way, “Revolve emerged out of idea that food should be local, humanely raised, free of added hormones and chemicals, providing a basis for good health. We have built this restaurant in my vision; a place to meet friends for dinner and a glass of wine, knowing you can enjoy everything on the table without compromising your ideals.”

“I believe that our community is chomping at the bit for this,” says Dr. DuBois, “interest in healthy, organic foods has grown and people are looking for businesses that share that commitment. REVOLVE True Food & Wine Bar is ready to meet that demand.”